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Reveal unfaithfulness. How do you find the suspicious person?

This is generally about observations. We discuss with the client the operational plan of a possible “infidelity”. When this is discussed, we discuss the order details. Where does the observation take place, how many private detectives are needed, how many emergency vehicles are needed, what problems could arise? Are there any obstacles that could cause us problems with vehicle tracking? What do the traffic lights in the area look like? Are there one-way streets or even dead ends? Such and much more must be clarified in advance. This is called “Observationsraumaufklärung”.

Can the shading start?

Once the order formalities have been completed with the customer (order signing, down payment, work information etc …) we start. Then the observation is performed. With which persons does the supposedly unfaithful person meet? How do the people with whom they meet and how do they behave towards our target person? Is there any indication that this is a love affair or is the relationship purely platonic? Does it need a “decoy bird test” of our staff? Detectives are also set barriers, we do not have access everywhere and must comply with the legal requirements. Technically, however, we are equipped to the latest level. As a rule, however, one can already recognize on the street or in public space, whether someone has a platonic or more in-depth relationship. There are no limits here.

How do we prove the infidelity?

If there is something “relevant” that might be of customer interest, we will take photos, tape or video recordings. All results of the observation are summarized in writing in a mission report. In the case of non-fidelity also underlined with a matching “loyalty certificate”. This means that it is very possible for our clients to understand what has happened during the observation period. Our documentation can be used in court – we also testify for our customers.

Who is our clientele? Married persons or jealous lovers?

Our clientele is multi-layered, so all. All forms of relationships and age groups are present, i. Spouses, longtime partners, but sometimes also people who have just come together. For the latter, we always have to see if we have a legitimate interest. One observes a person and pursues this, which is always an invasion of their privacy. This measure must be justified. That is the “balance of interests”.

We check the legality of an investigation

Exactly. In order to justify this justification, it is not enough if the persons in question have recently met and one of them believes that the other person is unfaithful. Maybe the partner has a different view of the relationship. With such delicate requests you have to be careful.

What does that mean?

For example, students who live in different dwellings, keep a separate household, do not make joint payments and have no credit obligations, there is no economic interest. There are always exceptions. We could write long exciting novels about our detective work. We do not go out of work, the human being is just “human” and everyone has to know and set his limits of what he considers to be “acceptable”.