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1. Scope
These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) govern the legal relationship between Go Business / TEAM 007. (hereinafter referred to as “TEAM 007”) and its customers (hereinafter referred to as “Principal”), which use the services of TEAM 007. The terms and conditions serve as a basis for all contractual provisions of TEAM 007. The conditions are always customizable and are the basis of an order / contract with TEAM 007. The terms and conditions are tacitly reaffirmed with each paid invoice / contract extension, as a valid contract is concluded and the Customer agrees by the start of his order as well as signing / payment with the terms and conditions.

2. Services
TEAM007 provides the services ordered in accordance with the scope of services described for individual services. The contractor will render his services carefully and professionally. As part of its operational resources, TEAM 007 strives to offer its services around the clock, smoothly and without interruptions. However, there is no guarantee that the products, services and access to the Services will work at all times and without interruption. Errors that significantly affect performance are remedied as quickly and as much as possible and necessary. If the workload for troubleshooting exceeds the usual level (eg troubleshooting on site) or if the customer is responsible for the cause of the fault, either as a result of faulty manipulation or due to hard- and / or software used by the customer, the fault rectification will be Customers charged according to effort at the current rates. The customer shall be informed in good time, as far as possible, about foreseeable interruptions to operations, which are necessary for the elimination of faults, the execution of maintenance work or the expansion of services. TEAM 007 shall not be liable for any costs incurred by the customer to third parties in order to gain access to a service of TEAM 007. The services can be adapted at any time, if required by law, official orders or operational reasons, as well as in case of other compelling reasons.

3. Obligations of the client
The client is obliged to treat all user ID and passwords received by TEAM 007 confidentially. He usually has the opportunity to change his access at any time. The customer is responsible to TEAM 007 for any use of the services through his account and is liable for any damage arising from the misuse of the use. The client undertakes to take the necessary measures so that access to the internet or other networks is not illegally interfered with in other systems, programs are manipulated or computer viruses are introduced. Further, he undertakes to TEAM 007 to comply with international and Swiss law and generally accepted codes of conduct when using the services. He is responsible for the content of the information that he or a third party transmits or processes, retrieves or makes available for retrieval via his TEAM007 account. The client is responsible for ensuring that adolescents under the age of 16 or 18 years do not have access to websites that are only intended for persons over the age of 16 or 18 years. This provision is binding for both legal and natural persons. TEAM 007 reserves the right to block the client’s account in case of misuse with immediate effect at the expense of the client. In particular, the non-fulfillment of the contractual obligations of the client mentioned above and below (clause 4) shall be considered as improper use. The blocking remains in effect until the respective facts have been clarified or the client proves the actual harmlessness of the contents. TEAM 007 also reserves the right to suspend the services provided by TEAM 007 at the client’s expense if its user behavior in any way interferes with the performance of the server. Compensation claims on the part of TEAM 007 remain in each case expressly reserved for the improper use of a service or the violation of the GTC. The client also undertakes to truthfully pass on all his personal information TEAM 007.

4. E-Mail / SMS etc …
The client must regularly check the access in his personal electronic mailbox (e-mail). TEAM 007 reserves the right to delete electronic mail claiming more than 10 megabytes of the contracted storage capacity upon notice. TEAM 007 reserves the right to block access to the customer’s e-mail or other access for good cause.

5. Data security
The customer is responsible for securing the transmitted data. TEAM 007 strives to take technical, economic and reasonable measures to safeguard this data.

6. Privacy risks
When using the Internet, there are various privacy risks for the client. In particular, the data protection in the unencrypted transmission of data is not guaranteed. In addition, it must be expected that unencrypted transmitted e-mails can be read, changed or suppressed by third parties without justification. The encryption and enciphering of transmitted information can improve the protection against unauthorized access. Firewalls can prevent or at least hinder the unwanted intrusion of unauthorized third parties. The taking of measures to improve data protection is the responsibility of the client.

7. Liability
For damage-causing events that have occurred on the transmission paths by the contractor or on the telecommunications network, TEAM 007 is only liable if the damage was caused intentionally. The contractor assumes no responsibility for damages inflicted on the customer by misuse of the internet connection by third parties. This includes damage from computer viruses. For the availability, completeness, accuracy and timeliness of information and services, the freedom of information and services of third-party rights are the responsibility of each provider and TEAM 007 assumes no liability. The client is responsible for the compatibility of the hardware and software components he uses. TEAM 007 does not guarantee that your internet access will be easily accessible from all devices. TEAM 007 disclaims any warranty or liability for errors in the software it distributes or for the loss or unauthorized modification of e-mail messages. The contractor is not liable for interruptions in operation, which serve the elimination of faults, the maintenance, the conversion of the infrastructure (switches, etc …) or the introduction of new or other technologies. In any case, the liability of TEAM 007 is limited to the immediate damage. The liability for consequential damages of any kind, in particular for remuneration or lost profit, is excluded.

8. Contract period and renewal
Unless otherwise agreed in the contractual provisions of the applicable fee-based service, the contracts with TEAM 007 shall be deemed to have been signed as well as verbally or by telephone. Annual contracts: If the term of such a contract begins during the calendar year, TEAM 007 may issue a pro-rata invoice by the end of the first year. With the timely transfer of the fee for paid services, the contract is extended by one additional period (usually one year). The contractor usually sends an invoice to renew the contract before the end of the contract period. However, the responsibility for the timely renewal of the contract and the complete continuation of the purchase of the respective service lies with the customer. For the contract renewal, the prices and terms and conditions of TEAM 007 valid at the time of the contract renewal are decisive. Written orders including visually priced lists are legally valid, payable upon signature and not revocable. An order placed, whether in writing, by phone or orally, must be started. Ordered orders are also payable if the order is not executed. If one or more provisions of our terms and conditions prove to be invalid, it shall be deemed to have been agreed that corresponds to the intended purpose lawfully or comes as close as possible. The remaining provisions remain valid. If the order is canceled early, at least 75% of the total order volume will be due immediately, including all other expenses incurred / fees / expenses.

9. Prices
The prices are based on the current price list. The client is obliged to pay the agreed prices on time. In the event of late payment by the customer, TEAM 007 is entitled to prevent and discontinue the use of the contractual services. In this case, the total amount of the agreed order is due for immediate payment.

10. Transfer of rights and obligations under the contract
The client may transfer rights and obligations arising from this contract to a third party only after written approval of TEAM 007.

11. Applicable law and jurisdiction
This contract is subject to Swiss law.