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Welcome to Go Business Ltd./TEAM 007
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The international universal database for detective and security services. We are an international advertising platform for agencies and freelancers.

Are you looking for a security service for your event or a detective agency for observation? Then you are right with us!

Our platform for detective agency services and security services is free for you. So you benefit from our quick placement and beyond the experience with our fine selection of services.


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Go Business Ltd./TEAM 007 SERVICES

The high enlightenment rates are no coincidence, we understand you and the detective craft! The top priority is discretion. Our detectives document evidence that can be used in court, because we serve the truth. If necessary, we work as a private investigator and observe together with our partners around the clock. At your request also worldwide.

Security Services

Some people are more open to the public and are more likely to be exposed to dangers. Private detectives are also bodyguards or can provide security as a security service.

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Detective Service

We are able, with the help of our TEAM 007 as well as co-partners and special techniques, to work in an unobtrusive and covert manner as well as to observe.

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Special Services

We are the witnesses of the event and say the same for you. Our Obsevationsrapport is also usable in court.

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CHFPriceOn demand
  • Strengths: entry control & property protection


CHF99--Per hour
  • Strengths: personal observation & detection insurance fraud


  • Strengths: detection of adultery, partner alienation and moonlighting


Here you will find current contributions from Go Business Ltd./TEAM 007. Benefit from our offers! Read the numerous topics surrounding the work of our private detectives and security services.

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